Shield + Beretta mod for Ravenfield.

Author: HumanBallLolz

The shield works. Stop saying that it isnt working. You are still dying? Here are a few tips for you: First, crouching will make it the bots harder to hit you. Also, the hitbox is about 3 times as big as the shield itself, and i have even 3 hitboxes. You are still dying? Thats happening because of the other workshop guns. Many guns are explosive. What I mean by that? Very simple, normal weapons can only damage soldiers, but no vehicles. To make that you can damage vehicles you need to make your weapon shoot explosive ammunition. Explosive ammunition works like this: If the bullet is hitting something, it will make an explosion, which damages everything around it. Even vehicles. And i cant make my shield protect you from thoose explosions. The explosion doesnt mind if theres an barrier between you. A way to fix this is to just deselect weapons for the bots. You simply press on “AI Weapons” and click “Toggle All”. Now are all weapons deselected. Now you can just select the guns you want them to have. And you dont need to select much, 10 are enough. But which guns should i pick? Very simple, take guns that will not damage vehicles and that have an somewhat normal name, examples are Patriot, RK-47, Signal DRM, Steyer AUG and MP5. And also try out “kicking”.