Enfield EM-2

Enfield EM-2 mod for Ravenfield.

Author: AKA_DeltaSierra

The EM-2 Was a prototype rifle made in the 1950’s by Enfield. It used an intermediate .280 round, a perfect mix between 5.56 and 7.62. Unfortunately, the USA Refused to have NATO use the very capable round, instead preferring the 7.62. Which was not so easy to control in automatic fire in weapons such at the M14.

Sadly, this does not have a bullpup loading animaton, as i am not good making them, and the Recon LRR is not yet in the weapons pack, although, when it is, i will update the weapon.




Kings Of The Fort


  1. I do not understand why most of the mods are in Russian
    why …………why
    why …………why

  2. its not on russian

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