Humvee Mod for Ravenfield.

Author: Plant_12345

A humvee that replaces the jeep. It’s a bit faster and can turn better. It has alot more durability and is as strong as the tank! (can also drive underwater if you want). Hope you enjoy it!


  • F1 : Always the driver seat
  • F2 : Passenger seat
  • F3 : Backseat
  • F4 : Backseat
  • F5 : Gunner

V 1.5: Finally fixed the wheels!!! Also made a hole for the gunner to stand in and made a non-gun version for the regular jeep replacement. Editted the gun a bit and changed the sound volume.

V 1.6: Added details to the hull of the humvee and added custom sounds!!! There’s a new sound for the engine and for the gun. Also nerfed the gun a bit.