Team Fortress 2 – cp_orange map for Ravenfield.

Author: Cappy

Recommended Settings

– 40-60 bots with a respawn timer of 10-20 seconds for a “winnable” game, otherwise it becomes a stalemate, which is still always fun.
A modified version of the popular custom map cp_orange from TF2. Removed outer staircase due to soldiers not walking up them. This will probably never be updated.
Almost all assets in this map were made by me, excluding some pre-made scripts and assets left over from the example map. This was my first experience in Unity map making, so it ain’t completely perfect.
Gamemodes other than point match have not been tested.

Known Bugs

  • Buggy lighting in some areas of the respawn rooms.
  • While their main spawn flag is being captured, soldiers will sometimes instead spawn besides their flag to protect it. (ONLY happens on their spawn flag.)
  • Most slopes don’t clip perfectly through platforms.