Nuketown map from Call of Duty series for Ravenfield.

Author – iwanPlays

Map size – 4 mb

The author thinks this map is awful, but it is not as bad. It smaller than the original one, the houses doors are closed and there aren’t sertain object like mannequins. But otherwise the map looks recognizable.


Another version of Nuketown map. More detailed.

Author – Peanutlives

Everyones favorite map brought to ravenfield

My recommendation is 20 bots and day mode but feel free to do whatever.
If you find a problem with my map please leave a comment and tell me so I can fix it.

Updates and patches come out every few days.

And remember; no mercy.

The Map boarder fences are jumpable so thats no fun, theres a few details like doors and windows that don’t match the original Nuketown, and it might not be a bad idea to place one more flag in where the orignal Domination flags are.




Ravenfield Early Access Build 6 Update


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