No Mans Land

On this map you can find a real WWII feeling and expirience.


  1. Extract the RFL file and put it some where
  2. Go to the Ravenfield App folder in steam
  3. Next to the name, create a folder called levels
  4. Put the game inside the folder and run the game


Map by Jingcheng Yang

Special modeling and texturing by General Salmon

Special Thanks to Plant_12345 and That guy with triangles for their early map testing

Download link


How to Install Ravenfield mods




  1. Zayn11

    This map is not working anymore! Fix this ASAP

  2. noneofyourbusiness

    I don’t know if you people know this but this game is not made by a AAA developer with millions of dollars in resources. SteelRaven7’s sole source of income is Ravenfield. Please, buy the game and stop allowing pirates to use our mods.

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