Mars Campaign – Discovery

Mars map for Ravenfield.

Author: Raxus

Mars Campaign Level 1 


The government of Mars had agreed in the last war to not activate any more deep space network facilities. However, the UN troop transport Voidhammer experienced an engine mishap and was forced to crash land, and the survivors stumbled upon this secret facility in the Martian Volcanic fields (themselves propogated in order to grow crops in the relative heat).

The Martians have no desire to allow any UN troops to survive and reveal their secret.
The UN soldiers just want to get back home.
It’s that simple.

Recommended bots: 100+

V 2.0, the Martian Soldier Update
In this update, the Martians now have a custom model yaaay
I completely redid the terrain yaaay
There’s now a lil plank over to the ship so you too can go up there

Known issues:

AI don’t go up sniper tower, very minor issue though. Lava doesn’t kill you, no game system implemented to do so. So kill yourself if you fall in, I made some ramps out of some lava, but still

Minimap doesn’t show the lava? idk what I did there, but I spent a long♥♥♥♥♥time redoing the terrain and making that model, so let’s go with a lore justification of you only have old survey data and somehow the Martians have now gotten lava here for their crops 😀




Office CQB (CS 1.6)


  1. RavenWorld

    i haevnt even downloaded this.
    yet hell, ravenfield is the new custom battlefield and
    this is one of those first steps.
    one small step for Earen
    one big step for earen kind
    (Eagles and Ravens)

  2. dis is a virus yes or no

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