Kings Of The Fort

Kings Of The Fort map for Ravenfield.

Author: Explosive Erection

Ravenfields most famous fort has been taken over by terrorists and they threaten the whole country with destruction and deaths. It is your job as one of the squad leaders of R.E.A.T (Ravenfields Elite Assault Team) to claim it back and kill the terrorists. They managed to blow up the front gates but are not able to go much futher, that is where you come in!
Go in hard or go in stealthy, the choice and responsibility for thousands of lifes is yours. So choose carefully.

Bot recommendation:100-150 on battalions 


Enfield EM-2


Conquer The Building(s) II


  1. DarkR3D

    For people who reaalllyyyy want custom vehicles ya’ll can just go here :
    They add mods about (maybe always) 3 times a day! They also add lots of popular mods that are in the steam workshop!

  2. NEon

    hey guys if you are lagging watch this:

  3. cleber

    Could you bring the mauser C96 carbine gun?

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