Hex Attack map for Ravenfield.

Author: Marinara_Sauce

This map is made out of hexagons, and it is a bloodbath.

This map is open to any suggestions to make it even better.

Please rate fairly!

This is my first ever attempt at making a Ravenfield map, and it is a map made out of hexagons. It is based on each team having a flag overlooking a main, central, flag in the center of the map. The central flag has 2 levels, making it difficult to capture and defend.

Bot Recommendation: 100 – 200 (Depends on how powerful your computer is)

I like playing on Battalions, but the rest of the game modes work, and are pretty fun.

This map is insanely good (almost OP) for Haunted.

Please report anything wrong with the map, and I will fix the issue as fast as possible. Please leave your honest opinion about the map, and any ideas for updates to the map.

Thank you for trying Hex Attack!