Halo: Sanddunes Map

Halo: Sanddunes Map for Ravenfield.

Author: Jingcheng_Yang

Finding another cool HALO map? Some creative and fun desert map?

Well today I present you the HALO: Sand dunes Map

It was inspired from a HALO 3 Map called “Sandbox”. I felt it to be too small and simple. So I started this idea to modify this map from another map I made called the “Gobi Desert”. Gobi desert wasn’t released (thankfully) so I can make this map faster and better.

This map MAY have some balance and collider issues, but trust me I’ve spent my last 3 days working hard on optimizing this map so you won’t have some gameplay issue with it. 

This map comes with a Master Chief assault rifle that will release further in this week. Other custom models and weapons will release later on.


Anti-Tank Rifle




  1. Hunony

    i hope u guys start to upload some custom vehicles now that the ravenfield early acess build 7 is out

  2. nice one thanks

  3. wait what beta 7

  4. Ray

    The link is broken, i cannot get past the captcha, HELP

  5. Ray

    pls send link to both the map and the anti tank rifle to this account

  6. Anti1

    why no uploading???you guys like upload only 2 mods a day…

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