Battle of Tomsville map for Ravenfield.

Author: rafism352

This is a map based on Conquest Assault from the Battlefield series. The Red team holds most of the flags except for the Village flag and the Stockpile flag.

After the loss at Raven’s Ridge, the Raven empire had no choice but to retreat to Crowsnest forest. With little time to fortify their positions, the Ravens mainly had to hope that the defenses left from the last battle here would be enough to hold off the Eagle assault…

Raven side: Commander, we have failed. We have no choice but to return to the ruins of Crowsnest Forest. We will occupy the old trenches along with the fortress. These soldiers are more fierce than we imagined. We must hold our ground here. We must not let them win

Eagle Side: Commander, thanks to you, we have managed to break through enemy lines. Our next step is to take Crowsnest forest. According to our scouts, the Ravens have settled near the old fortress and have sent their soldiers to occupy the old trench lines. Thankfully, we have managed to equip our soldiers with camoflage. We must act swiftly if we are to win. It is up to you to lead us to victory. We will show no mercy.

This map is a sequel to my first map, “Battle of Raven’s Ridge” (Which I had to stop working on since stuff got deleted).
Made using my own assets and some assets from the assets store.
Recommended bot count 64-70
Recommended Spawn Time: 10 seconds
I recommend tipping the balance a little in Blue Team’s favor
Use the Battle Plan feature to make your team go to certain points

Hope you enjoy!

*Map may take a while to load*