Battle For Raven’s Ridge

Battle For Raven’s Ridge map for Ravenfield.

Author: rafism352

The Eagles and the Ravens have been fighting for this ridge for years now. Many losses on both sides. The maps do not change. They are at a deadlock. Until you, the new commander comes, and will, hopefully, lead your team to victory.

Red Team: The Ravens have been holding this ridge for years now. It is a vital defensive position for them to defend what remains of the villages in this valley. However, the Eagles have been attacking non-stop, therefore, they must be weakening. It’s time for you, the Raven commander, to finish the battle.

Blue Team: The Eagles launched the Raven’s Ridge offensive three years ago. In all that time, they have managed to dig trenches and fortify their positions. However, the Eagle army is weakening. They need to make one last push, under the command of you, the Eagle commander, to take the ridge, along with the lives of those who guard it.

Recommended bot count: 80-100


IronClad Arena




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