Battle of Tomsville map for Ravenfield.

Author: Kronos Ice

A coast full of death

Fight against the Red army for Tomsville. Do MASSIVE battles in this map. Use aircraft, tanks, helis, trenches and deadly weapons to win. Defend the coast and the town with your buddies and kill ‘em all!

Recommended: 80-200 bots


  • A town
  • A nuclear plant
  • A farm
  • Coast
  • Trenches
  • Airbase
  • A mall
  • And more!



  • Added hills and more trees
  • Helis and sea vehicles added
  • Mall moved
  • Southern flag moved more to the nuclear plant
  • Textures changed
  • Crashed bomber
  • And more!


  • Fixed the glitch which soldiers didn’t attack objectives planned in the battle planEnjoy it! 😀