How to Install Ravenfield mods

In this short instruction i show you how to instal mods for Ravenfield.

There are two versions of this game – Steam and non-Steam version. Let’s consider both of them.

Steam version:

  1. Go to mod’s page in steam workshop.
  2. Click on the “Subscribe” button.
  3. Launch the game.

Non-Steam version:

  1. Create “mods” folder in “\Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data”. For example C:\Games\Ravenfield v26.08.2017\ravenfield_Data\mods
  2. Unpack you mods into this folder.
  3. Launch the game.


How to instal older mods for older versions of Ravenfield


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    it didnt work dude it runs the game with no mods

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    It’s true. It didn’t work! Please HELP

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