Do you want to try out older mods for older versions of Ravenfield? This is how you can do this.

For pre-steam versions go to here:

Beta 5:

Beta 1-4:

For steam (most likely what you want) you need to follow several steps:

  1. Open steam in with the console tab. To do this type this into a browser: steam://nav/console.
  2. Choose the platform you want to download for (remember this code for later):
  •      Windows 64bit: 636481
  •      Windows 32bit: 636482
  •      Mac: 636483
  •      Linux: 636484
  1. Type in id number)/manifests/ in a browser
  2. Find the version you want to download and copy the manifest id number.
  3. Steam should be open, make sure you’re on the new “Console” tab.
  4. In the input box at the bottom type without quotations: “download_depot 636480 (platform id number) (manifest id number)” (you may need to run a second time if there are missing files).
  5. Wait for it to download and steam will open the download location once it’s done.
  6. Copy the files.
  7. Got to library, Ravenfield, properties, local files and paste the files into the Ravenfield directory.
  8. You’re done! To go back, force update Ravenfield and it will be back to normal.